WP Emerge

A modern, MVC-powered WordPress as a CMS workflow.

						Router::get( '/', function () {
							return app_view( 'hello-world.php' );
						} );

						Router::group( '/about', function( $group ) {
							$group->get( '/', '[email protected]' );
							$group->get( '/{team}', '[email protected]' );
						} );




… with controllers, middleware, PSR-7 responses and view composers.

Use any view engine

Use good ol’ PHP, Blade, Twig or a mix. Implementing any other view engine is also supported.

Service container

All dependencies are instantiated using an IoC container and can be replaced with custom compatible ones at will.


Service providers, view engines, dynamic route conditions, error handling – all customizable and extensible.

Advanced error reporting

Beautiful and interactive stack trace presentation with data dumps and source file highlighting.

Full support for "The Loop"

WP Emerge does not mess with or override "The Loop" - it complements it.

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Starter Theme


Block font sizes and color palette are available and customizable through simple variable changes.

CLI Helper

Install CSS frameworks, run boilerplate-generating commands and more.

PHP unit test scaffolding

You are one command away from having a fully integrated unit test environment for your code.

ES6 + SASS everywhere

Separate bundles for the frontend, administration, login and Gutenberg in
one build step.

Asset tools

Automatic sprite generation, fool-proof asset cache breaker, dynamic thumbnail generation and more.

Lint Everything

ESLint, StyleLint and the official WordPress PHPCS configuration are available out of the box.

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Is WP Emerge a plugin?

No, WP Emerge is a framework that you can include in your theme. While not officially supported, it shouldn't be too hard to include it in a plugin as well.

Does WP Emerge include Laravel?

Nope. While heavily inspired by Laravel, WP Emerge is lean and tuned for WordPress and does not include any illuminate/* packages.

Can I use WP Emerge in a legacy project?

Yes! One of the great benefits of WP Emerge is that its integration is incremental - you can use it in a legacy project without having to rewrite your site's logic or templates. For example, you can use the NameProxyViewEngine to render new templates using Blade while still using plain PHP for old ones.

Is WP Emerge free?

Yes - WP Emerge is free, open source and licensed under GPL 2.0. Feel free to submit issues, suggestions and pull requests over at GitHub.

What theme works best with WP Emerge?

While WP Emerge works with any theme, we suggest you check out the official Starter Theme for WP Emerge.

Where can I get help with WP Emerge?

  1. Check out the official documentation.
  2. Ask questions in the Gitter Lobby.
  3. Submit issues, feature requests and pull requests on GitHub.


WP Emerge is fantastic! It’s a great introduction to MVC for WordPress developers, and a great bridge to WordPress for those already familiar with frameworks like Laravel or Yii. Awesome job, Atanas!
Galen Gidman
Front-end / WordPress developer
I have been using WP Emerge on a number of projects, it has made my work easier, using MVC in WordPress is wonderful and my learning curve was as minimal as possible. It is well documented and organized.
Elvis Henrique
System Analyst, Apiki
Finding WP Emerge was a blessing. It brings in a well structured WordPress project layout and provides modern tooling. First class documentation and help from the creator is only speeding things up. Take your projects to a new level with WP Emerge!
Kristjan Koppel